Monday, August 22, 2011

Britain's Burning.

Reading from The Dictator's Handbook, the ruling classes have blamed  the widespread disturbances in Britain on criminals,  (  no, not the Bankers. the politicians the press  or police. silly)  and  outsiders, ( no not the Bankers,  politicians, the press or police).  In the beginning no mention of the possible causes was allowed: anyone who had the audacity to link disturbances with gross inequalities in UK society was quickly stamped on  there were no excuses; but we all know them dont we.  The poor , alienated and abused are always to blame for not taking it lying down.  The best comment I heard was from a poor man on the street:  'We've had enough. Time to take a stand'
In the event the disturbances proved to be good practice for the forces of law and order.  And we have seen Human Rights set aside, the courts bullied into draconian sentences with extra punishments for good measure.  As the 'Crisis' or, 'Fraud' as the Spanish call it, continues we can see what we are in for when we do say 'that's enough ! '


  1. Hi Lance, I've just found your site and wanted to say hello and send love and glad you're still angry! I'm out in the Paris suburbs doing mumville mostly but lots of music too. Please pass on love to Vi and Richard, feels like several lifetimes away, but I still think of you all. All the best then, hope life in Spain treats you all well - Heather Joyce - who once was something known as heff...xx

  2. All governments are utter wankers, as are all the posturing parties. None of them know what its like to live on the breadline, worry as more benefits are cut, and listen to the posh twat eton numpty telling us were in it together? What a fucking joke. Id be a fiver behind him! Labour started welfare reform but this bunch of post thatcherites are kicking the arse out of it. How can a pm who lost a disabled child stand up for benefit cuts like this? What next? I know, euthanise pensioners, the disabled and the unemployed! That would free up so much more cash for the olympics.yeah, get that one through parliament at midnight when most fatcat mps are sitting on their well fed arses instead of opposing more swingeing cuts.maybe, slowly folk are starting to realise this has to stop. We havemt even got workhouses anymore cos theyve all bee turned into luxury flats ffs! Not that i wanna see em back, but where on earth will everybody go when weve been stripped to the bare bones of nothing. Still its alwsys easier to blame the disaffected yoof than to admit theres a nation of angry people. Rant temporarily over. Kettle going on.