Sunday, November 27, 2011

Los Indignados.

The poster printed below in a previous post was pasted to a wall of my local village near where I live.  It is one of the last villages in Spain, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada andwith a view to the Atlas mountains in Marroco.  In other words remote.   It is truly one of the most significant documents I've read.  It signifies the spread of the revolt by a movement first started in Madrid with the occupation of The Puerta del Sol on the 15 May this year.  The movement is called 15M  and we are Los Indignados -  the Indignant.  Uniting young and old and a wide range of occupations and classes demanding radical changes to the idea of democracy.  We are not in a Crisis - this is a fraud: ideas that spread throughout Spain, with protests in many Spanish cities and marches on the capital.   Protests and occupation are peaceful,  using the strategy of civil disobedience  very courageously  in face of brutal beatings.   Ive seen it quoted in the news that the Occupy movements in the UK &  USA have drawn inspiration  from the Spanish experience. I imagine lot of visitors to this site especially in the UK  Spain already know all this but knowing that government censorship is already in force in UK and US(  eg the pepper spray video on UTube as been removed) you can look this up  using the 15M Movement as a start.  Saludos   Lance