Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello World

Welcome to our website.  We have been inspired to make the site because there are so many people still interested in what the band did : in fact the number of poisongirlfriends is growing!
Thanks to all the people who have been making PG's sites and conrtibuting some amazing stuff on MySpace and U Tube. etc.  We hope you will get in touch on our Blog.  Lance d'Boyle has taken on the task of opening up communication .  Vi and Richard have worked on the site but dont want to be directly in contact at the moment.   Lancewill be making Impossible  Dream art and other more recent work viewable in the appropriate section.
 As always its our friends and your reponses that make it all worthwhile  So we hope to hear what you have been up to.
Thats all for now, this is just the begining. Lance.


  1. hi lance - the site looks great - ive started to post some of my archive on facebook - more to follow - let me know if i can help in any way - mark -http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=264563&id=541440818&l=a484460098

  2. Is there a contact email where I send you some material?


  3. Hi Seany Rotten, you can contact Lance here:


    From the webmonkey

  4. Nice to find this website on Xmas morning. Greetings to Lance, who gave me my first drum lessons and caught me picking my nose during a break in a song :)


  5. Nice to find this website. Coincidentally I received a copy of Statement (2004 Cooking Vinyl Reissue) for Christmas. Long overdue - thought it was out of print - to replace all the old vinyl I still cherish. Look forward to reading more over the coming months.

  6. Hi Lance,

    Great to see Poison Girls back, Chappaquidick Bridge was one of the favorite albums of mine from that great era.
    Looking forward visiting PG site with news, etc.
    Greetings from Belgrade,


  7. By the way, I always wondered what is the male character that appears on Poison Girls covers,fanzine, a small head, is it Nixon? Cheers.

  8. Hi Alexander, Thanks for the encouraging comments. The face on cover of Dream3 was supposed to be Big Brother fron George Orwell's 1984 novel, but it could be any or our so called leaders. Hope to hear from you again with more memories and perhaps your angle on the currently developing political situatuion in the UK and worldwide.

  9. Hi Rick, thanks for you post. Lots of memories coming back for all of us. I hope you will visit the blog again , I am trying to start a discussion on the current political situation in the UK and worldwide. In the UK things seem to be going the way of Thatcherism in the eighties. What do you think? Lance

  10. Hey Lance, I'm here! Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying the official website - great that you've finally done it after all this time - and you have my support. Warmest regards to you and the rest of the Poisons - keep up the good (dirty) work!

    1. Hi pete how are you keeping, well i.hope? I guess your still making music? Dont spose you have any pictures of burghley house?. Andy t is trying to make contact with you, hes on facebook too. What are you up to these days then? Kim byrne from epping x

  11. Hi lance, kim here, got some great memories of you all at burleigh house. I remember you an vi telling us all to go into the music room and use our energy in there. We musta been noisy little sods hehe. I also remember gem finding out yoghurt was alive an really kicking off at vi for letting her eat it! She didnt talk to me for days cos i knew too. Do you remember the pub landlord at the forest gate shouting out "rock n roll in the morning" every time somebody walked by? will post more memories as i recall them. Off er a cuppa. Kim x